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Gardening plots

TRY is responsible for gardening a number of plots around Richmond - The Long Border in Friary Gardens - The herb bed on Rosemary Lane - The bed at the start of Maison Dieu - The Millgate bed - The Pottergate bed - The Quarry Road Community Orchard TRY helps to organise Temple Grounds Allotments

Friary Gardens


TRY looks after the long border in Friary Gardens. The aim is to produce a bee friendly bed using cottage garden favorites

The Long Border in Winter

friairy g mahonia_0.jpg

Winter-flowering shrubs such as Mahonia provide nectar for insects at a time when few other flowers are available.


friairy g berbiris_0.jpg

Many shrubs such as Berberis have berries which provide food for birds as well as brightening up the winter border.

Millgate Bed


Pottergate Bed


Quarry Road Community Orchard

quarry road orchard.jpg

A mixed orchard containing apple, pear, meddler, fig and nut trees. There is also an array of soft fruit.

Rosemary Lane Herb Bed


A small herb bed at the start of Rosemary Lane